Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acacia Fraternity all about?

We are a Greek social fraternity which is what most people refer to when they use the word "fraternity". The whole idea behind the fraternity system is to give college men an opportunity to grow more academically, socially, professionally and philanthropically. We have a great system in place which allows members the opportunity to grow in these areas during your college years than you have to date in your entire life.

What makes you different from other Greek fraternities?

Every fraternity at SCSU is unique even though they have the same basic activities. The difference is seen in how fraternities go about doing these basic events and who is a part of them. A fraternity is only as good as the men in it.

Acacia is neither better nor worse than any other SCSU fraternity. Joining a fraternity whose ideal member qualities are most similar to your own is essential to enjoying Greek life. Acacia members do their best to be distinct, taking positive qualities of the typical fraternity man and dropping the more negative qualities. However, since positive and negative qualities are objective, the best course of action is to converse with active members and determine how well you fit in Acacia.

In addition, Acacia is the first fraternity to offer a complete Membership Development Program that Acacia encourages every active to finish before they graduate. Through this program, every Acacian graduates fully prepared to enter the real world and better qualified than the average college graduate for any job title.

Will my academics suffer if I join?

We stress school first, fraternity second. Joining a fraternity gives you "built-in" tutors. There are brothers here that are probably in your same major or that may have taken some of your same classes. We can help you out with your studies, what classes to take and what teachers to avoid.

Why do people say that you only get out of a fraternity what you put into it?

Most organizations will give output equal to the input, and fraternities are no different. This is more true for some chapters as opposed to others. all you put into the fraternity is your dues, your returns will be minimal. If you put your time, effort, intellect and vision into the fraternity you will be repaid many times over in management, leadership, teamwork, finance, marketing and perseverance skills. Not to mention, you will meet lifelong friends who will stand by you through thick and thin, and chances are they will do that a few times during your time at SCSU. There is no better way to collect priceless college memories that will last a lifetime.

This will be the same for any fraternity you join. The difference between Acacia and other fraternities is that other fraternities have much higher minimum financial and time requirements. Therefore, the minimum to be received from them is higher. In Acacia, we require less for entrance; however, we provide a structured way for each individual to achieve as much as possible gaining every benefit of an active fraternity man. Our organization offers extraordinary potential return when the effort is put forth.