Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acacia Fraternity all about?

Acacia Fraternity is a Greek social fraternity that provides college men with opportunities to grow academically, socially, professionally, and philanthropically. Our fraternity is dedicated to fostering personal development and leadership skills. Acacia’s supportive environment allows members to experience significant growth during their college years, preparing them for future success.

What makes Acacia different from other Greek fraternities?

While every fraternity at SCSU has unique qualities, Acacia stands out by emphasizing positive attributes and minimizing negative behaviors often associated with Greek life. We pride ourselves on a distinct approach to fraternity activities and our membership. Our unique Membership Development Program ensures that each member graduates well-prepared for the real world, offering a structured path to maximize their potential.

Will my academics suffer if I join?

At Acacia, we prioritize academics above all else. Our fraternity provides a network of brothers who can offer tutoring and academic support, especially from those within the same major or who have taken similar classes. This built-in support system helps members excel academically while balancing fraternity involvement.

Why do people say that you only get out of a fraternity what you put into it?

The benefits you receive from any fraternity, including Acacia, depend on your level of involvement. By investing your time, effort, and skills, you gain invaluable experiences in leadership, teamwork, finance, and more. Acacia offers a balanced approach, requiring less initial financial and time commitment while providing ample opportunities for personal growth and lifelong friendships. Your active participation in Acacia can lead to profound personal development and unforgettable college memories.

Why choose Acacia over other fraternities?

Our organization focuses on developing well-rounded individuals who are prepared to face the challenges of the real world. By joining Acacia, you will be part of a brotherhood that values ethical leadership, academic success, and community service, setting the foundation for a fulfilling and successful future