Acacia Fraternity is an organization devoted, above all else, to the preparation of college men for the challenges and rewards of adult life through a continued and principled service to our fellow human beings.

We believe that our brotherhood does not have a final destination, but is an endless journey. Along this journey, the men of Acacia will gain the skills during their undergraduate years that will prove to be invaluable later in life.

 Virtue, Knowledge & Truth

Acacia is a men’s college fraternity founded on March 13, 1977, at Saint Cloud State University. With dozens of chapters across North America, over 50,000 men have joined our ranks in pursuit of Virtue, Knowledge & Truth.

Human Service

Human Service. It is more than just Acacia’s motto; it is something that our members put into practice in impressive fashion in numerous ways. From hundreds of hours spent in the community to thousands of dollars raised for noble causes, Acacia brothers find great significance and enjoyment in serving others.

Join Acacia

Do you know someone that is a good fit for Acacia? Recommend him here! Acacia Fraternity is not the oldest, or the largest, or the most widely known of college fraternities, but our origin is distinctive, and our record distinguished.